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Nothing feels better than putting on box fresh trainers!

My love for trainers goes back many years

Nothing felt better than getting that box open, and putting the new trainers on.

Now we want to keep that feeling going with all trainers old or new.

Keeping them looking as fresh as possible and to keep them going is our mission.

Who’s on board?

Get in touch & see if Eastbourne’s premier trainer laundry can help give your trainers a fresh lick today!

Our previous work

Check out these trainers given a Fresh Lick!

Dirty white trainersWhite Trainers
Supplied TrainersClean Trainers
Clean TrainersTrainers

I cant believe how clean my trainers are! They were destined for the bin, but now look as good as new!!

Darren Jones, Eastbourne

Highly recommended! Will be using again for more of my trainers!

Jamie Whicks, Hailsham

The drop shops make it really easy and great results. Really happy!

Brian Dobson, Eastbourne


Cleaning from £25

A Fresh Lick includes:

Collection & delivery
Deep clean on uppers, midsole, insole and sole
Laces clean & press.


New laces £5
Shoe tree pair £5
Small repairs priced on inspection including lace tips, glue etc.
Box fresh protect service £5 (brand new in box)
Kids clean start from £10.

Discounts on multiple pairs!

Drop Shops and locations

In Eastbourne and the surrounding area, our Drop Shops make it easy for you to drop and collect your trainers.

Drop shops are exactly what it says. They do not carry out the work and are in no way responsible for work carried out! They are there for customer convenience and that is all. Work is carried out elsewhere & shoes are dropped back to you in person at your convenience.

Email or Direct message on Facebook/Instagram, with your name and which shop you have dropped to. We will get in touch for details. Fill out a tag with your name & phone number, then attach to a shoe. Payment is required at the time of booking, or when trainers are collected from the customer. We will be in touch to arrange delivery to you.

Drop Shop 1



Bourne Barbers

82 Firle Road
BN22 8EG

Drop Shop 2



Unit 8 

8 St Mary’s walk
BN27 1AF

Drop Shop 3

St Leonards on Sea



253a London Road
St Leonard’s on Sea
TN37 6NB

Frequently asked questions

Hopefully here you can find the answers to any questions you may have, otherwise please get in touch using the details below…

WHAT HAPPENS IF DAMAGE OCCURS?2019-11-28T12:26:48+00:00

In the very unlikely event that any damage occurred during the cleaning process, then rest assured we are fully insured.

ARE THERE ANY ADDITIONAL CHARGES?2019-11-28T12:15:57+00:00
There are no additional charges, and no extra work will be carried out unless advised otherwise by you. Please make any additional work clear when booking in. If we come across any issues we will advise you before going ahead.
HOW DOES IT WORK?2019-11-28T12:12:42+00:00
You can book in the service required via Facebook, Instagram, website or a simple text message. We will contact you & arrange collection when this suits you, or you can use one of the handy drop shops. Before & after pics will be sent to you, and on completion of the work, we will contact & arrange delivery back to you.
HOW DO I PAY?2020-02-04T14:13:38+00:00
Payment is required at the time of booking, or when trainers are collected from the customer. Via bank transfer or cash payment.
CAN I DROP TO YOU?2019-11-28T12:07:56+00:00
We do not have a retail facility where someone is available all day for drop offs, (this may change in near future). For now, we only offer a collection and drop off service, and of course the drop shops.
WILL I HAVE BRAND NEW TRAINERS?2019-11-28T12:00:29+00:00
We make every effort in the cleaning process to get the shoes back to as fresh and clean as possible. Not all marks & stains are removable unfortunately. The cleaning service is taken at the owners risk, on the basis we will endeavour to have them returned with the best results possible.
HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE?2019-11-28T11:56:53+00:00
We aim to have the shoes returned to you within 5 days (additional work may require longer). It may take slightly longer in busy periods.

Get in touch with us


07854 173 017

We would love to hear from you, please drop us a message on any of the channels shown.

Maybe we can give your trainers a fresh lick!

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